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Technical Information

Commercial Boiler Repair, Maintenance & Inspection:
How to Choose the Right Service Company

When selecting a boiler service company to take care of the heating system in your commercial or multifamily building, the key is find a company with experience handling a wide range of makes and models. Whether you have a heating plant consisting of parts from one manufacturer, or from many, your service company should have the know how, and quick access to the necessary parts, to take the headache out of any repair or maintenance job.

New York Boiler fits that description. Founded in 1945, New York Boiler is a family-owned and operated business that has built a reputation for quality, reliability and professional service. It is a leading regional service company that specializes in the maintenance and repair of the entire range of heating, processing and power boiler systems used in commercial, industrial and multi-family properties. Whether your equipment includes Rockmills, Federal, Cleaver Brooks, York Shipley, Fulton, Burnham, Bryan, Superior, Babcock & Wilcox or others, New York Boiler has the expertise to get the job done right.

New York Boiler offers a full menu of services, including: boiler repair, boiler maintenance, tube replacement, welding repairs, cast iron boiler repairs, fire brick, refractory and dry oven replacement, code required boiler inspections, boiler cleaning with high-power truck-mounted vacuums, water treatment and burner service.

Boiler Repair

New York Boiler, Inc. provides a comprehensive selection of boiler repair services:

  • Retubing. Partial or complete retubing, Watertube & firetube boilers. We stock domestic tubes -- all sizes and gauges.
  • Welding & Fabrication. All welding repairs; boiler shell plate, tubesheets, headers, staybolts, handholes/ manholes, faceplates, doors, breechings & supports. Pipe Fabrication: steam, water & gas piping to ASME or API code, X-Ray quality welding. For more information on New York Boiler, Inc.'s welding services, see National Board "R" Stamp.
  • Appurtenances,
  • Auxiliaries & Fittings. Safety, blowdown, stop & check valves; gauges, test connections, watercolumn piping, feed pumps, cutoffs, preheaters & backflow preventers
  • Refractory. Firebrick chambers, burner tile, venturi rings, dry oven rings & all refractory repairs
  • Cast Iron Boilers. Replacement of sections, seals, pushnipples, headers & manifolds
  • Hot Water Coils. Replacement or repairs
  • Mixing Valves. Rebuilding or replacement

Boiler Cleaning

A clean boiler saves you money, because it burns more efficiently and lasts longer. For more than 60 years, New York Boiler, Inc. has stressed the importance of regular and complete boiler cleaning as part of its clients' ongoing preventive maintenance and fuel-efficiency programs.

New York Boiler’s boiler cleaning services include:

  • Boiler fireside, flue & chimney base cleaning
  • High-powered truck mounted vacuum system
  • Re-gasketing / re-lining of access doors
  • Repair / Replace door fasteners
  • Fax or e-mail reminders for scheduled cleanings

Boiler Inspection

Building owners need to comply with all jurisdictional required inspections.
New York Boiler, Inc. has the expertise and the code-compliance knowledge that comes with nearly six decades of experience.

New York Boiler’s Inspection services include:

  • Maintenance, Internal & External equipment inspections
  • New York City annual inspections
  • Testing & maintenance of safety valves, cutoffs & limit controls

Water Treatment

New York Boiler, Inc. understands the importance of proper boiler water treatment. Improperly or inconsistently treated systems are the first to break down, triggering more expensive repairs and emergency calls.

New York Boiler’s Water Treatment Services include:

  • Analysis & treatment to reduce corrosion & scale build-up
  • Off-season chemical boil-out to clean boiler watersides
  • Installation of automatic chemical metering pump systems

National Board "R" Stamp
New York Boiler is among a select group of companies to have received the Certificate of Authorization from the National Board to use the "R" Symbol Stamp. This accreditation confirms that New York Boiler has developed and maintains a strict quality control system for Code repairs, and that it demonstrates its ability to perform up to the National Board’s high standards on an ongoing basis.

New York Boiler can be reached at (718) 251-3000, or by email at Their website is at


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